What is a District Court Judge

The Role of a District Judge
 Preside over criminal and civil preceding
 Decide cases involving general civil disputes, family matters, involuntary commitments
of the mentally ill and criminal charges mostly misdemeanors and some low level
 They can decide cases without a jury (bench trial)
Types of cases handled in District Court
 Criminal misdemeanors, family court matters, example: Child custody/divorce, child
support, delinquency/juvenile court, truancy court, traffic violations, small claims,
abuse/neglect/dependency cases, personal injury, and DWI

Qualifications for District Court Judge
 Must be a licensed attorney
 Must be under the age of 72, the mandatory retirement age for judges.
All Judges are governed by the Code of Judicial Conduct.
 The Code requires a judge to perform the duties of the office impartially and diligently
and sets out standards for meeting these duties.

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